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In the long run, that way of measuring thinking-value try regarding the increased likelihood of having made use of good condom initially sex

In the long run, that way of measuring thinking-value try regarding the increased likelihood of having made use of good condom initially sex

Overall, 5% from participants (10% of men and dos% of females) got had intercourse from the 3 months before the survey. More than half of those men (54%) had got two lovers or more in those days, but a lot of the women (91%) got got only one. Just how many ladies which have recent sexual sense is too tiny for further study, although researchers analyzed new determinants from multiple partners certainly boys, having fun with tobit regression analysis. Again, peer norms and mind-value played a substantial role during the men’s room decisions: Men whom identified people they know to be sexually educated or even to was indeed working in a maternity was indeed more likely than the others to own had multiple lovers previously three months (coefficients, step 1.1-dos.2), due to the fact was basically people who was typically management among all of their members of the family (0.5).

Men on large socioeconomic top and people who spent some time working had an elevated probability of having got more than one companion (coefficients, 0.6-0.8), while the odds of it decisions flower with age (0.8). People located in the fresh new jungle was basically in the higher risk of obtaining got several lovers than simply was basically the competitors from Lima (1.9).

Condom Play with

Certainly one of sexually effective college students, 38% of males and 26% of females mentioned that they’d used an excellent condom in the beginning intercourse; 63% and you will 42%, respectively, stated that have utilized you to definitely for a change intercourse. The fresh new experts put logit regression investigation to look at the newest determinants of condom use, again leaving out females because of the small number having sexual feel.

Guys in the center and you may high socioeconomic tiers was basically alot more almost certainly as opposed to those which have low socioeconomic status getting used a beneficial condom initially sex (chances percentages, 1.6-2.2), and people who resided having none mother have been reduced more than likely than others of a couple-mother or father house for done this (0.3).

Only one factor associated with thinking out of peers’ behavior swayed condom use initially intercourse: Males which reported that many of people they know was indeed intimately knowledgeable have been a great deal more most likely than others just who stated no sexually educated members of the family getting put an effective condom initially intercourse (step 1.8). The newest investigators point out that which wanting from a defensive determine stands compared to the fresh conclusions for the sexual activity, and therefore suggest that males’ perceptions you to their friends was in fact intimately energetic led to risky behavior. A plausible reason, they mention, is that more youthful men wanting its basic gender was advised to help you have fun with an effective condom from the more experienced co-workers.

Students whom mentioned that they always needed suggestions when they had a problem was basically alot more most likely as opposed to those revealing that it never-needed information having used an excellent condom the first big date they had sex (step 1.6).

Findings off condom use at most recent sex was basically simply the just like those people to be used initially intercourse. A noteworthy exclusion would be the fact while a young man’s feeling you to definitely many of their family members had been intimately educated try with the increased odds of fool around with at first sex, it actually was of the decreased odds of fool around with at last gender. Regarding the researchers’ view, which result could possibly get suggest switching ramifications of peer norms while the young men be more sexually experienced, or it might mirror your amount of boys reporting latest sex (250) was too tiny to give reputable performance.


Into the light of its results, the boffins high light one applications brought exclusively within boosting young man’s experience in reproductive health “may not be sufficient to avoid teens’ exposure-consuming options to present tens of thousands of other exposure issues.” As an alternative, they highly recommend, increasing programs’ attention “to a target a number of the contextual situations that influence adolescent behavior will increase [their] effect.”–D. Hollander

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